Green Zebra offers both free and member only workshops.
Join our FREE Greener Business Workshop to find out how to get started.
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Free Workshop

If you want to run a more sustainable business Green Zebra’s monthly free online Greener Business Workshop is your best first step. Just sign up to the date that suits you below.

At the end of this online workshop you’ll have:

  • Created a 7 point plan for your organisation
  • Learnt how to set targets and measure improvements
  • Deepened your knowledge of sustainability for business

Member Workshops

As a member of Green Zebra you will have access to a programme of 8 online workshops that are designed to get you started on your journey to becoming a greener business.

The online 8 Pillar Workshop Programme includes:





Supply Chain




Greener Business Workshop

If you want your business to be more sustainable, choosing Green Zebra’s Blueprint for a Greener Business workshop is the best place to start.

We’ll introduce you to our 7 point plan that will help you focus on where to start and what to prioritise. The 7 steps are:

Step 1 – Start. Find out where you are now.

Step 2 – Analyse. Investigate what impact your business is having on the planet.

Step 3 – Measure. Take your business’s carbon footprint.  

Step 4 – Target. Set targets to make an instant impact.

Step 5 – Plan. Create meaningful goals and a plan to achieve them.

Step 6 – Monitor. Review your progress and adapt where needed.

Step 7 – Strategy. Set strategy. It can be the aim of Net Zero or reducing waste by 20%.

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Member Workshops

We have 3 membership programmes to suit every business. On our Green and Gold Memberships you will follow our online 8 Pillar Workshop Programme.