Free Green Zebra Audit

Examine the 8 key areas that impact your business’s sustainability.
Get your sustainability rating and discover your next steps.

Who is the Green Zebra Audit for?

You know that you want your organisation to be more sustainable

You don’t know which steps to prioritise in your ambitious sustainability plan

You’ve tried some energy-saving initiatives but they didn’t gain traction with staff

Your Green Team is full of ideas but struggles to follow through

Your facilities management team are only interested in short term returns

Your CEO says sustainability is important but it’s still not part of the strategic goals

The Green Zebra Audit pinpoints where your business is on the sustainability journey, so you know what your next steps are.

What is the Green Zebra Audit?

The Green Zebra Audit examines 8 key areas of your business’s sustainability:






Supply Chain



Why take the Green Zebra Audit?

The Green Zebra Audit identifies areas where you can have an immediate impact to:

Lower your environmental impacts

Reduce costs associated with waste, water and energy

Improve your staff engagement in sustainability

Demonstrate your sustainability credentials to customers

Create a business case for sustainability that the C-Suite will support

Run a greener business

How does it work?

Simply complete the questionnaire – it’s thorough but usually takes less than 10 minutes. Your answers will be analysed and we’ll send you a sustainability rating for your business and pointers on your next steps.