Gold Membership

Gold Membership is our premium offering giving you one to one support on your greener business journey. Our online workshops are tailored to your business and will quickly help you to establish your green credentials and improve your company’s sustainability strategy. 

  • Understand and calculate your carbon footprint
  • Set targets and measure improvements
  • Write your own green strategy and policy
  • Get a competitive advantage 
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Attract and retain employees

What’s on offer with our Gold Membership Programme?

Bespoke Workshop Programme (2 hours per workshop)

8 X 30 minute one to one personalised follow up calls

Custom Green Zebra Audit checklist

Calculate your Carbon Footprint


Work with you to write your strategy and policy

Green Zebra Membership badge

Bespoke Workshop Programme

Our online Bespoke Workshop Programme is designed to get you started on your journey to becoming a greener business. On completion you will have calculated your carbon footprint, written your sustainability policy and strategy (with our help) and have a focused plan for your business. You’ll receive a workbook for each pillar. The programme includes:





Supply Chain




One to one follow up call

You’ll have 2 weeks to complete the tasks from each workshop before your follow up call

  • You can ask any questions on areas you’ve been struggling with
  • Get expert insight and support for each workshop
  • This accountability call means you’ll be up to speed in no time
Custom Green Zebra Audit

The Custom Green Zebra Audit is a checklist that examines the same areas as the Bespoke Workshop Programme

  • Complete an in depth audit questionnaire you can share with your colleagues
  • Find out what’s been happening already in sustainability across your company
  • Simply complete the questionnaire and we’ll analyse your answers
  • You’ll receive a custom sustainability rating with suggested next steps
  • This rating is bespoke for your business
Calculate your carbon footprint

We will support you with the tools and expertise to calculate your carbon footprint

  • For each relevant workshop you will find out how to calculate your emissions
  • Set a baseline as a starting point
  • We’ll share tips and tricks to reduce your energy, transport and water use and how to reduce your waste
  • You will then add up all the emissions from each relevant workshop to arrive at the total carbon footprint for your business
Write your Sustainability Policy and Strategy

This is the last part of the Bespoke Workshop Programme. You will:

  • Set strategic goals to mitigate your emissions
  • Devise an effective sustainability strategy
  • Submit your Sustainability Policy and Strategy to us for review and feedback
  • These documents will inform your day-to-day business decisions
  • Put your sustainability policy on your website
Green Zebra Blue Membership Badge

How to become a Gold Member

  1. Attend the online Bespoke Workshop Programme
  2. Attend the one to one follow up calls
  3. Take the Custom Green Zebra Audit
  4. Calculate your carbon footprint
  5. Write your sustainability policy and strategy
Complete these 5 steps and we will send you a Gold Member badge you can display on your website to demonstrate your commitment to becoming a greener business.

Each workshop is specifically designed for your business

Unlimited attendees per company

Email support

Cost €18,000 per annum or €1,550 per month