Blue Membership

Our Free Blue Membership programme will enable you to start your sustainability journey at no cost. You will:

  • Create a 7 point plan to a greener business
  • Know how to set targets and measure improvements
  • Deepen your knowledge of greener business practices
  • Audit your current business operations

What’s on offer with our Blue Membership Programme?

Greener Business Online Workshop and workbook


Resources pages as a downloadable pdf

The Green Zebra Audit checklist

Blue Zebra Membership badge

Greener Business Workshop

If you want your business to be more sustainable, choosing Green Zebra’s online Greener Business Workshop is your best first step.

We’ll introduce you to our 7 step plan that will help you focus on where to start and what to prioritise.

Green Zebra Audit

The Green Zebra Audit is a checklist that examines the same areas as the 8 Pillar Workshop Programme.





Supply Chain




How does it work?

Simply complete the questionnaire. It’s thorough, but usually takes less than 10 minutes. Your answers will be analysed and we’ll send you a sustainability rating for your business and pointers on your next steps.
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Resources Pages

Our resources pages cover what you need to know about greening your business. Each page has an overview of the topic, the changes you need to make and a business case to illustrate what can be achieved. The resources are linked to our 8 Pillar Workshop Programme for our Green and Gold Zebra members.

For members on the Blue Zebra programme these pages are available as a downloadable pdf. The resources will help you to examine your business practices and start building your greener business.

Green Zebra Blue Membership Badge

How to become a Blue Member

  1. Attend a Greener Business Workshop
  2. Take the Green Zebra Audit
  3. Download the resources pdf

Complete these steps and we will send you a Blue Member badge you can display on your website to demonstrate your commitment to becoming a greener business!