Balancing sustainability and profitability

IBM Institute for Business Value

Consumer research highlights how businesses can protect people, the planet, and the bottom line.

Today’s executives walk a tightrope, balancing the long-term imperative to protect the planet with the short-term need to preserve the bottom line. In a landscape defined by chaos and disruption, business leaders must hedge against the future costs of inaction while remaining economically viable today.

As climate change intensifies, companies across sectors have transformed their business models to forge a sustainable future—one that protects people, planet, and profits. In the race to reduce emissions, consumption, and waste—while protecting biodiversity—everything is on the table. Supply chains are being recalibrated. Source materials are evolving. Travel requests are carefully scrutinized. 

But companies can’t do it alone. Consumers also play an important part. What they’re willing to pay for defines, in part, how far a sustainable business can go.

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