Strategy case study: Lidl

Lidl’s Sustainability Strategy has 4 pillars; Responsible Sourcing, Protecting the Environment, Team Lidl and Lidl Community Works.

Responsible Sourcing

Since entering the market in 2000, the proportion of Lidl purchases from Irish suppliers has grown year-on-year. Lidl sources millions of euro worth of produce from over 275 suppliers on the island of Ireland.  Their range of organic products is ever increasing. Their organic farmers and producers adhere to legislative requirements in relation to organic production as well as their own strict internal standards. Organic standards rely on farming practices designed to minimise the impact on the environment, ensuring the agricultural system operates as naturally as possible. Approximately 220 organic products are sold in their stores annually, in their food and non-food ranges.

Protecting the Environment

In 2018, Lidl conducted their first carbon footprint analysis to understand where they were having the most impact in their operations and supply chain. This work was completed in conjunction with the Carbon Trust and detailed their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for 2017.

This provided them with a full insight into ‘hotspots’ or key areas for improvement across their operations and product categories. Initially, they focussed on areas within their direct control, moving to green electricity, introducing PV solar panelling to store specifications, sending zero waste to landfill etc. However, as a food retailer they are aware the majority of our impact is in the value chain, something they are working on.

Team Lidl

Work Safe. Live Well. is the ethos of their health and wellbeing strategy. Designed to take a holistic view of employee health and wellness, the strategy focuses on 3 core areas; physical safety at work, physical and mental health, and financial wellbeing. The programme focuses on safety in the workplace, mindfulness, fitness, nutrition and provides an impressive employee benefits package. Additional programme benefits include pension, healthcare scheme, employee assistance programme, anniversary payments, tax savers, sabbatical leave, maternity and paternity top up and the recently introduced paid volunteer day. 

Community Works

Lidl works with a number of community organisations and projects. They are a JAM (just a minute of patience) card friendly retailer for people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier to enable stress free shopping. Other projects include Jigsaw, young people’s mental health charity, Ladies Gaelic Football and food redistribution.

Lidl are also working towards the UN SDGs (more info on our SDGs resources page) and are part of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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